Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Happy Days

Well, cycle 6 of the chemo is now over and my oncologist is pleased with the positive response to this treatment. I am feeling good and the sun continues to shine. Happy days indeed. I have 2 more hospital appointments this week and then hope to be free for the rest of the summer. Fingers and toes crossed that things stay on an even keel.  Also my weight continues to increase. Tubby Tess is my new name!

We had Ethan here for the weekend – he is such fun now and he perfected the art of dunking biscuits in Nana’s tea without burning fingers or dropping biscuit. I taught him how to play ‘Snap!’ – I thought he was a bit too young to play for money so I will wait a little while longer for that. He also learnt how to hop! Gramps was delighted with his little helper when it came to digging up the spuds!
Digging up the tatties!

Ethan & Jon on Westbrook beach
Ethan catching bubbles

The Canadians are doing well.  We Skype weekly and Tim & Anna are very good at sending photos of the lovely Lilah.

Lovely Lilah having fun

Jon successfully completed the first of his 2 charity cycle rides. This one was in Annecy, and was the same route as stage 20 of the Tour De France (128k with lots of climbing). He made it in just over 9 hours with temperatures of 34 most of the way. Thankfully he avoided the ‘broom wagon’ by about 45 minutes. His next ride is nearer to home at the beginning of August. All money raised will go to Macmillan cancer Support.

Please take a peep at his charity page and support him if you are able.

We had a great day with friends Tony & Roz. It was good to catch up with all their news. They have chosen a great week to have a holiday in St Ives.

The Mesowarriors continue to fight their individual battles each day. Some have has good results from their treatment and some not so good. Together we help and support each other through the ups and downs of living with a terminal cancer. Carers are very much a part of our community too. Life can be so hard sometimes.

Tess x

Saturday, 6 July 2013


Well I am nearly there – day 16 of cycle 6 chemo -5 more days and then I can say ‘We did it’. Yes I mean ‘we’ as without Alan’s support at the darkest times I may well have given up. The side effects were pretty grim this time but have mostly subsided now and I am feeling good today. The sunshine is a contributory factor I am sure. I had a scan 10 days ago and will get the results next week when I see my oncologist.

We have been getting out and about over the last week. The weather has been good and the lack of wind means I am able to do more and walk further.

Jon is once again cycling to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. If you are able to support him in any way to reach his target that would be great. Any amount however small will go to help a great cause.

He is in Annecy as I write with the ride tomorrow. Really hope he avoids the ‘broom wagon’. 

Lake Annecy
Cycle route Annecy - up and down!

His second ride will take place nearer to home in August. Thanks for your support.

Well sun is shining and lounger beckoning in the garden. Enjoy the good weather. Tess x