Thursday, 22 August 2013

Making hay ....

... while the sun shines.

It’s been a few weeks since I posted but we have been out and about and making the most of the good weather.

We had a very welcome visit from friends Vicki, Gareth and Harry. It is always good to catch up and exchange news. Vicki and I compared notes on our respective grandchildren – like many of us Vicki has become the doting grandma! We had a good lunch at Quex Barn followed by a short walk around the grounds. Harry will be delighted that Arsenal won a football match yesterday – I know Alan had a smile back on his face!

We celebrated my ‘much older’ brother’s birthday – somewhat belated but nevertheless very enjoyable. We went for lunch at The Beacon which has stunning views over the surrounding Kent countryside. The food was good, the weather great and all were in good spirits. Ethan managed to get more chocolate ice cream on his face and T-shirt than in his mouth but it was melting so quickly the poor little chap did not stand a chance.

We enjoyed another celebration last weekend for Sean’s graduation. This involved a trek north to Watford. It was great to catch up with Alan’s side of the family. The party was great fun and so good to see the youngsters enjoying themselves. So big congratulations to Sean on getting his degree – he now has an ology! Here are some pictures of the event. Remember Sean, never lose sight of your dreams, the world is waiting for people like you.

Kathy, Chris, Angie

Me and the handsome Sean!

Looking through the mirror! Gerry, Sean, Sue, Callum

Lovely Katie
Me and my shadow!
Michael looking very relaxed

proud mama Sue, Sean, proud papa Gerry
 We also caught up with Brian and Theresa (Alan’s brother & sister-in-law). We were so pleased to see them after a long time – life just gets in the way sometimes. Although they have both had their fair share of health issues it was good to see them both in good spirits and very chatty. It was lovely to see some wedding photos of Alan’s nephew Stephen and new wife Marie. Brian is another who will be pleased at Arsenal’s latest result!

On the health front I am doing OK at the minute. I feel I have recovered from the last regime of chemo and I continue to put on weight. I had an unscheduled visit to see my thoracic surgeon yesterday as I had a blockage in the chest drain. Chargenurse Gully was unable to sort it out. Although a fairly simple plumbing job he did not have the right tools! Anyway all was sorted very quickly and the Dr offered Alan a job in her clinic as he impressed her with his nursing skills! When I came out of the consulting room there to greet us were Mavis and Ray. It is always good to see them. Mavis is a friend, my mentor and a fellow mesowarrior. She is currently going through chemo and was in the hospital for routine blood tests – yes my social life now extends to hospital waiting rooms!

Always in my thoughts are my fellow mesowarriors. Some are going through really tough times at the moment. I send my love and support to them all.

Tess x