Saturday, 14 June 2014

One Chemo Too Far

Chemo cycle 3 went ahead as planned. Normally I am ‘0ut of action’ for about a week. This time however, now 4 weeks later I am still suffering from the side effects. My oncologist agreed with me – no more chemo as my body has now become too toxic. So I have come to the end of the treatment she can offer me. I had a scan on Thursday and will see the oncologist in 2 weeks time. 

Meanwhile I had an appointment with the palliative care consultant at the hospice. He took lots of blood samples which showed I was anaemic so on Monday I was in at the crack of dawn for a blood transfusion. It certainly made me look a better colour (no longer a ‘Whiter Shade of Pale’ and more ‘Lily the Pink’ says Alan), and much less breathless but it did nothing to raise my mood – I thought I would be running around like a spring chicken! 

I have been told that I need to lower my expectations as to what I hope to achieve now – this is so hard to do and makes me so sad. I am so pleased that I have such a wonderful carer in Alan. I have another appointment at the hospice on Monday – I am hoping for some nutritional advice/help as I am eating so little.

I hope this brief summary will explain why the blog has not been updated for a while and why emails have largely gone unanswered. Will try and do better!

I receive daily photos of the Grandies. Our lovely Lilah is 3 tomorrow – we will Skype and pop in to her party. They all had a great time together in Florida and I have many, many photos to sort through.

Kissing Cousins!

Please continue with your support. Good wishes, prayers and positive thoughts are what we need right now.
Tess x