Thursday, 10 July 2014

On a plateau

Tess has asked me (Alan) to write her blog this week, as she is so frail and fatigued by recent events.

So...  Lily the Pink had another blood test to check her red blood cell count was O.K. following the transfusion.

But... It showed she had too much Calcium in her blood (Why? perhaps the cancer, perhaps the chemo).

So... we had another trip to Viking Day Unit for a 2 hour infusion to bring down the Calcium levels on Tuesday 2 July. On the Thursday Tess was feeling quite a bit worse - shivering, increased pain and tiredness, I called the Hospice day nurse who paid us a visit to check Tess out. She was not happy with her symptoms and she called out the Hospice doctor to assess Tess.

So... he visited later that afternoon and concluded the infusion was causing the side effects, but they should gradually diminish in a couple of days.

So... at the weekend Tess was feeling a little better - the awful side effects had gone, but Tess is still very weak, spending a lot of time in bed and struggling with eating. We seem to have reached a plateau.

Tess says I have to mention the grandees - they are lovely and growing up so quickly.

I made Tess some Borscht soup with our first crop of beetroots from the garden earlier this week, and she enjoyed it. We also have sampled the new potatoes (Arran Pilot). However, I have had to spray the beans as they were covered in blackfly last weekend.