Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentines and Pancakes

Well I am pleased to say that things have moved on since my last blog entry. I am having yet more blood tests, an injection and a pre-chemo chat this afternoon and if all is well chemo is scheduled to start next Thursday 21st. They are using a different combination of drugs this time which should be gentler on my body. This treatment is just palliative and not curative but if it works and gives me a few more months of good quality living then I will grab it. I am not looking forward to it and to be honest am rather scared but needs must. My treatment will be done in my local hospital so at least travelling won’t be an issue. I will try and keep the blog updated.

Well Masterchef Alan excelled himself once more with the cooking of pancakes. I had to reject the first one he offered me as it wasn’t cooked enough for my liking but he is a quick learner and the rest were superb. His maple syrup and banana ones deserve a special mention.

We had another good lunch out this week. This time with cousins Paul & Jean. Always good to see them and catch up with their news and that of their wonderful family. We went to Bartellas in Meopham – a lovely venue. Thank you guys.

I have received some lovely gifts – beautiful flowers from fellow mesowarriors – what a caring, sharing bunch of friends they are. 
Also a gorgeous mat / wall hanging which my son bought for me on his recent trip to Japan. He knows I love anything a bit arty farty!

So that’s it for this week apart from wishing our son Jon a very happy 38th!!!!! Birthday today – have a good one honey!

Onwards and upwards!


Thursday, 7 February 2013

Waiting Game

Still playing the waiting game. Why are you told one thing by the oncologist and it doesn’t happen. Why tell me chemo will start in 2 weeks when clearly it will be at least 5! There was no mention of the special kidney function test which took 10 days to get the appointment and then another 10 days to get results before anything will happen. Why do they do this? – you get yourself psyched up to start treatment and you are made to wait. Why not be honest and say 5/6 weeks at the start instead of messing with your mind like this? Right hand not knowing what left hand is doing once again. Can you tell the anxiety is getting to me?

We had a good weekend meeting up with Bernie, Norma, Louisa, Jon, Gaby, my darling Ethan complete in Ninja outfit. We went for lunch at the Rendezvous in Westerham – awfully slow service but good food. Later Bernie & Big Al shared a bottle of 1950 port which needed to be drunk! We popped in to see Chris & Mick before returning home on Sunday.

The weather is bright but still soooo cold and the winds have been vicious. But the bulbs are doing well and hellebores in full bloom so there are signs of spring.     
Beautiful hellebores

We have had mixed news amongst us mesowarriors this week. Jan had a very positive result at her last scan so I am delighted for her and Gary – they can now get on with enjoying life. Sadly Debbie received not so good results yesterday and will be starting chemotherapy again next week – we will support each other and walk this chemo route together. How I hate this awful disease.

And while I am at it I think Michael Gove is a twat!

Tess x