Monday, 5 November 2012

Dracula, Art and Carrots

I received this lovely photo of my (our) gorgeous grandson dressed as Count Dracula in a Halloween celebration with all his friends. Couldn’t resist adding  a few spiders and ghosties to the image. I don’t really like the thought of my little man being a blood sucking vampire but he certainly doesn’t look upset by it!

Count Dracula and friends
We visited the Turner Contemporary gallery at Margate to see the Alex Katz exhibition 'Give me Tomorrow'. I hadn't heard of him but apparently 'he is one of the most important and respected living American artists'. I thought his pictures were very juvenile, very flat and lacking the correct perspective - I would compare it to some of the work I have seen exhibited for GCSE Art in my previous school. In its favour he does paint pictures and not splodges! The second exhibition was masterpieces from the Tate chosen by Katz. the selection included works by George Stubbs, JMW Turner, Walter Sickert and David Hockney - now this is more like it!
After visiting the exhibition we went for lunch in The Ambrette.

Alan has been harvesting the last of the potatoes (Kerr's Pinks) which have been brilliant and the carrots. Oh my! We have had carrot soup, carrot and coriander soup, mixed veg soup with carrots, roast beef and carrots, grated carrots, pureed carrots and the freezer is full of carrots. Wonder what is for lunch?

I have been reading  lots of info about asbestos this week. A school closed in Wales: When will this country wake up to its responsibilies?

My thoughts this week have been  with fellow mesowarriors Steve and Jan who are currently going through chemotherapy. Hope the poison does it worst to this damn cancer. Also thinking of Peter now recovering after a rough few weeks of radiotherapy. Be strong my friends.

Tess x


  1. Lovely scrapbook page of your grandson. He looks quite the little charmer. Laughed at your art review, glad you speak your mind!

    Janet xx

  2. The cutest Count Dracula I've ever seen Tess. By the way - you didn't mention carrot cake - would make a change from all the savouries.
    Beryl xx

  3. What a gorgeous little Dracula lol I must agree with you about some artists Tess I do like my paintings to look at least a little bit like the subject

    Trish xx