Saturday, 5 January 2013


Welcome to my first blog of 2013. I wish you all good health and happiness. 

We are just recovering from the Christmas festivities – phew! Having the 2 Grandies here was amazing. They had a great time together – lots of laughter. Tim, Anna and Lilah returned to Toronto on Thursday. I had very mixed emotions as we said our good-byes – each of us with our own thoughts. I have a few photos to share of the Gully family Christmas. A massive hug for Alan aka Gramps who made it all possible and the Christmas lunch was fabulous - cooking for 9 adults and 2 little'uns is no mean feat!

Ethan and Lilah waiting to be fed.

Lovely Lilah - looking so like her daddy.

Ethan would not go far without his Santa hat

My favourite people

Off to the park

Feeding time. Louisa took the photo. Where did all those bottles come from?

 The next round of medical appointments seems to arrived quickly. This week I have a CT scan and a check up with my thoracic surgeon. Waiting for scan results is perhaps the hardest part, your life is on hold until you know the outcome and hoping and praying to hear that word ‘stable’. We always fear the worse but hope for the best. Fellow mesowarriors know what I am talking about. Meanwhile we get on with life.

The holiday was also tinged with sadness as I received news of 2 fellow mesowarriors who passed away on New Years Eve – I send my love and condolences to Faye and Lisa and their families

Tess x


  1. Such lovely photos. And well done to Allan for getting a meal ready for such a large crowd. The grandies are gorgeousl Lilah looking so serious! Love the verse posted on 20 December.

  2. Thank you for sharing these wonderful family photos Tess. I'm so pleased you had such a fabulous Christmas.
    Love and hugs
    Beryl xx

  3. Thanks for the update Tess, you look like you had an amazing time and those two could be brother and sister they are so alike!
    Alan is the star this year getting such a feast ready for so many, just keep on keeping on this year. xx