Monday, 21 October 2013

Spiderman, Mickey Mouse and a dentist.

I had my review with my oncologist and she gave me those words I had hoped to hear so much ...STABLE disease -no new growth since my previous scan last June. This is the best news for me and so I have a 3 month window to get on with life before my next scan in January. Planning 3 months at a time is something all meso sufferers and their carers have to do. It is something you get used to and Oh boy do some warriors pack so much in to that time window.

 My visit to the dentist last week resulted in me coming home minus 3 teeth and plus 6 stitches. To be perfectly honest the actual extractions were not painful just a sensation of a lot of pushing and shoving and at one point I did wonder if my jaw would break! I am still taking painkillers to ease the soreness and jaw ache and I have moved on from a diet of jelly and ice cream to lasagne and tonight I will try Alan’s fruity chicken curry. So I am getting there and now able to speak, yawn and laugh at Ray’s daily offering of humour without pain.

We managed to get to our grandson’s 3rd birthday party on the 19th. I was so proud of him, having so much fun, so confident and so happy. He had his face painted as Spiderman. I will admit to shedding a tear or two when he blew out the candle on his Mickey Mouse cake. It was just over 3 years ago in Sept. 2010 that I was diagnosed with this terminal cancer. The prognosis was dire ... ‘weeks, months possibly a year’... I decided then to delay any treatment until after Ethan was born and I had met and held him. The love story has gone on since then and both he and my lovely granddaughter really have kept Alan & I going over the years – something positive to focus on when things get bad. Now I want to see them both start school – oooh that’s a big target but we’ll go for it!
Birthday Boy

Micky cake made by Emma

Mum and Dad - coping well!

Another positive outcome from the last lot of chemo is that the fluid in my chest has gone and my lung has re-expanded quite a bit. The reason for this is still unclear. I have an appointment with my chest consultant/surgeon this week to discuss my options with regard to removing the drain. As it has been fitted for over 15 months now it will not be a case of just gently pulling it out but will involve some surgical procedure – we will so find out exactly what this entails – ho hum!

Always thinking of fellow mesowarriors and their carers, those in difficulties right now, those on chemo, those awaiting to start chemo, those awaiting results to see if they too get to plan for another 3 months. My thoughts and prayers with you all.

Tess x

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  1. stable - great news, even better about the re expanding lung, the big thing I have noticed with meso, is how little is still known about what goes on.
    have fun and enjoy christmas