Monday, 18 November 2013

Shopping, shopping and more shopping!

Not too much to report over the last couple of weeks – mainly shopping and eating!

We have been into Canterbury a couple of times and I have made a start on the Christmas pressies although much of this will be done on-line. We always need a coffee and /or lunch when we shop and no exceptions these last couple of times.

We visited the Thanet Farmers Market last weekend and again came away with a bag full of local produce including, cheeses, meat, veg and cider. This is a new venue and has the advantage of being indoors at the Marlowe Academy.

Last week we had a couple of days in France – more shopping! Purchased a few Christmas treats and Alan found some Biere de Noel so he was happy. 

This is such an easy journey for us on Eurotunnel – well under 2 hours from home to Calais even with the waiting about at the terminus. I was surprised (why?) by the lack of security at the terminus, no searches and not even a peep at our passports! We had two lovely meals while we were there.

We visited our favourite local restaurant The Ambrette. It has now been awarded ‘The Best in the  South East 2013’ by Pat Chapman.

So that’s about it for this week but we are starting to count down the days till we see Tim, Anna and lovely Lilah once more.

Congratulations to dear Ray on becoming a granddad! I do hope he will behave himself now as he has to be a role model for little Linden. On second thoughts he is fine as he is!

The meso community continues to bring happy and sad news. We lost Steve Cooke last week – what a character he was and full of fun and life till the end. RIP Steve and condolences to your family.
Lou and Jan are currently going through the trials of chemotherapy and hoping as we all are that they hear that magic word ‘shrinkage’ after their next scan. Mavis is recovering from a nasty fall and Steve continues to enjoy life getting out and about with his lovely wife Linda. John and Ernie are having a hard time right now. My love to you all.

Tess x

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  1. Glad you have been out and about enjoying life Tess. I didn't realise you went to France on the train. I had always assumed you went on the ferry. Hope Alan enjoys his beer.
    Beeryl xx