Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Quiet week

We have had a fairly quiet week. I had a difficult time with withdrawal symptoms coming off the steroids. We cancelled our 4 day trip to France which was disappointing but fortunately we were able to re-schedule both hotels and the Shuttle without extra cost.

A visit to my oncologist on Monday was upsetting – Mr Nasty is on the move again. I am having 2 more chemo sessions starting tomorrow. So the fight is on once more. Where are my battle fatigues????

Alan has been busy in the garden. This week he has planted runner beans, peppers, yet more potatoes (bargain from garden centre), tomatoes including a yellow variety (Sun Baby) and the hanging baskets are a work in progress.

Today we went out for lunch at the Ambrette – yummy, scrummy – good local produce and Gadds beer.

The Grandies are fine and will be meeting up tomorrow in Fort Lauderdale Florida – I hope to receive lots of photos of them together.

As always my thoughts and prayers are with my fellow warriors, each following their own pathway, each  at different stages of this awful disease. Together we are strong.

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I end this blog with a wish that Arsenal do what they are paid heaps to do and win the FA Cup on Saturday – that would make so many happy amongst my family and friends.

Tess x

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