Sunday, 16 October 2011


 I had a lovely phone call last night from my son in Canada to say he had booked air tickets for him, my daughter-in-law and lovely granddaughter to come to the UK for Christmas. It seems a bit more real now and something to keep me focussed to the future.

This got me thinking about my wonderful family and friends who have tirelessly supported me over the last year. How hard it must be for them too. Keeping up with their jolly chat and jokes and trying to be ‘normal’ when maybe they are feeling so sad and broken inside too.  My husband Alan has become my full-time carer so his life now totally revolves around me and my needs – it is so unfair. We are all in need of support from someone.

I often wonder how people cope if they don’t have a loving support network around them. This is why self-help and support groups are so important. 

I have found friendship and understanding on Facebook too with other Mesowarriors. It is often good to have such a group to ask about things that you don’t necessarily want to ask those close to you. They are not medical professionals  but just ordinary people who once had ordinary lives that have now been turned upside down by this cancer. They do not judge and are there for anyone needing help or support. 

For others counselling is a good way to talk through issues that are important to you. Alan & I had one counselling session when I was first diagnosed – to be honest I was so shell-shocked I cannot remember much about it. But for many it is a life line.


So I hope anyone in need has someone they can talk to or if not then they know where to find help.

Hope the links  help. Tess x

Meso and Me ( a carers blog)

‘It is not enough to help the feeble up, but to support him after.’

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  1. So happy for you that the family are able to come for Christmas. You are doing a great job pointing others to these forms of support.
    hugs Jen x