Thursday, 20 October 2011

T is for .....

Target met
I was so happy to celebrate my grandson's 1st birthday yesterday. When I was diagnosed in September 2010 I didn't think I would be around to see my darling Ethan at all. So this really was a brilliant day for me.

He enjoyed opening pressies, going to a farm and eating birthday cake.
Love you lots little man - here's to us both meeting more targets together along with your beautiful little cousin Lilah. . NanaTess xx


  1. Brilliant photos Tess. Here's to more happy targets met.
    hugs Jen x

  2. Nana Tess is a very special person. You are an inspiration to me. Looking forward to seeing Lilah's birthday photos.

    Janet xx

  3. I agree with Janet, Nana Tess is very special.
    Beautiful photos Tess and Ethan is adorable. Love the photo of both of you.
    Here's to many more targets met.
    Love & hugs my special friend.
    Christine xx

  4. Lovely photographs Tess. Isn't he a smasher. Well done Tess.
    Many hugs

  5. Just been having a catch up Tess and what a lovely post to finish with. You all must be so proud of Ethan and I'm sure your family are all very proud of you too - for being such a fighter. I hope the drugs trial goes well.
    Beryl xx

  6. What a lovely target for you ans so glad you enjoyed the day with your little man.
    We will battle on Tess together and give each other support xxxxx
    This Chemo tablet is a doddle just not Chemo 1 we we had.
    See you soon love mavis