Thursday, 1 March 2012

Maidstone Madness continues.

I resumed my treatment today – trial and chemo. On my computer printout list I have a 2pm appointment. Left home at 12.30 and arrived at hospital comfortably at 1.40pm. Checked in and sat down and waited and waited and .... We are accustomed to delays so we were not unduly concerned. At 3pm Alan asked at the desk how long was the delay (nothing is ever posted) and he was told they are running late and we would be called. At 3.45 Alan asked again – we were getting concerned that the trial drug would expire again as it did before (it is only active for 4 hours). The lady at the desk suggested that Alan went down to chemo unit and enquire there. Off he toddles only to return 5 minutes later ‘Houston we have a problem’! My printout reads 2pm appointment – their computer system reads 4 pm appointment! We went in search of Karen (research nurse) and although scheduling is not part of her role she went to investigate....
Yes they had changed the appointment yesterday.
No they do not know why it was changed.
No they had not informed me of the change.
They do not know why I was not informed.
They do not know who changed it.
Karen suggested we complain to PALS.
So treatment finally got underway and we arrived back home just before 7pm.
Please tune in for next week’s episode of ‘Maidstone Madness’.


  1. You couldn't make it up could you? It beggars believe with all the technology we have nowadays that people still can't communicate with us, still i'm glad to hear your got your treatment eventually.
    Claire xx

  2. Ridiculous goings on there. Hard to believe and even harder to be on the receiving end. Glad you got the treatment eventually and did not need a return trip. Hope you feel ok today.
    hugs Jen x

  3. They need a serious kick up the j*****y. On a positive note, you got your treatment eventually so don't have to go back again. Keep your chin up.
    Wanda xx

  4. yet again words fail me- I actually don't think they could be any more inept if they were trying on purpose to annoy you. Maybe it's all part of the trial, they're seeing if stress levels have any impact.
    You really should complain in writing, if not, then they'll never get any better.

    good to know you got the treatment in the end

    fingers crossed for you and Alan

    1. Oh Tess what a fiasco, as Amanda writes perhaps it is part of the treatment plan. You have to complain. Enjoy the weekend Nana Tess, love to Big Al and Jon, Chris xx

  5. Poor Tess, this is just what you do not need. Perhaps the NHS needs a kick up the backside after all. Thinking of you.

    Janet xx

  6. Tess & Alan

    from my past life when I used to work in the NHS in Kent have spoken to some people and the best way to complain is a personal letter to Glenn Douglass, he is the top guy at Maidstone hospital. I know how hard it is to complain when you are having to deal with so much, but this really isn't acceptable and it does need to stop now.
    wishing you all the best

  7. Benard and Margaret6 March 2012 at 11:40

    Gosh ,Tess, what rotten luck you have had with appointments .The thing to concentrate on - is that you had this wonderful treatment.
    (Easy for us to say )
    You look jolly good in that wig.