Friday, 24 February 2012

Bit of a mixed bag!

Not feeling too bad this week but have been having visual disturbances and some dizziness. This together with the usual peripheral neuropathy from the chemo means I am walking like Frankenstein once again and having to hold on to Alan's arm to get about. Went to Maidstone hospital on Thursday – but no chemo or trial . I was not feeling too well when we left but decided to go anyway. The nurse who met and weighed me was not happy with my dizziness and visual disturbances so she called the doc to assess me. They also did lots of blood tests and an ECG and examined me – nothing untoward showing up and all blood tests normal. Anyway it was decided by the docs to postpone treatment this week and give my body some time to rebalance after the events of the  last couple of weeks. The visual problems are down to the chemo. I will see Dr Shah next Tuesday to reassess how I am doing and hopefully continue with treatment next Thursday. The staff I saw  were just wonderful – caring, kind and very understanding. 

Today I took possession of my first WIG!!! I  thought I would play safe first time round and went for something similar to my 'normal' style and colour. What do you think? There is much less grey in the wig but there has to be a plus side to all this. My thanks to Liz - the lovely wig lady who was so kind and supportive and having been through hair loss due to chemo herself she really did understand me.


Managed to go shopping  afterwards and spent quite a bit in M&S both on things for myself and some lovely items for the two grandies.I am very late in sending Lilah's parcel this month.

I returned home to find some gorgeous daffodils had been delivered from my warrior friend Debbie. I am overwhelmed by the support and friendship she gives to fellow sufferers - Debbie is the queen of all things 'wiggy' - hope I can be as brave as her in choice of colours and styles!
I think a chill-out weekend is on the cards as there are 3 hospital visits scheduled for next week. On Monday we travel to St Barts (London) to meet with the cardiothoracic consultant. Tuesday is a meeting with Dr Shah (trial consultant) at Maidstone and Thursday we will hopefully resume treatment at Maidstone. This journey is getting arduous but I do not travel the road alone - Alan is with me every step of the way. We will journey on together and continue to fight.

Tess x


  1. You look lovely despite your sight and balance problems. Your wig is a great success. Will be thinking of you next week, Tess when you have all your hospital visits and sending you positive thoughts.

    Janet xx

  2. Glad to hear you've got a week off from the treatment Tess, hope you get to recharge your batteries at the weekend. The new wig looks gorgeous, I'd never have guessed it was a wig. I'm watching this space for the purple and green one lol
    Claire xx

  3. Your wig looks amazing Tess, like Claire I would never have guessed. Under the circumstances I am glad they decided against the treatment this week. I hope you are stronger by next week. Hang in there, we are all here for you
    Beryl x

  4. Tess that is a super wig, I would never have guessed but do wait to see something a bit more adventurous in the coming months. Hopefully your hiccups will settle and you can start the treatment again, I guess you just want to keep on but you do have to give your body a bit of time to cope with it.

    Keep on going and we're all here with you willing you on.
    Jenny xx

  5. Love the hair stlyle, look forward to all the new looks

  6. Well! i want one. I would never know that was a wig. You look fabby Tess, Keep on rockin
    Big hugs