Friday, 10 February 2012

The week just got worse....

Well since coming out of hospital (see last blog entry) and feeling fine things generally got worse. I had a blood test on the Tuesday and my levels were fine. I was still taking high 2 lots of high dose antibiotics. First I develop oral thrush – this made my mouth and tongue so sore it made eating difficult. Then excruciating abdominal pains. My GP prescribed for the thrush and ......... gastritis, and faecal impaction. By Saturday things had got worse – not eating or sleeping was making me feel so weak. Further prescriptions from an out of hours ‘on call’ doc brought stronger pain relief tablets and suppositories for the constipation – trying a dual attack here from both ends! On Saturday when things were clearly getting scarey Alan managed to get hold of a doc who was prepared to do a home visit – my GP would not come out on Friday neither would the ‘on call’ doc. The doc arrived and immediately told me to stop taking one of the antibiotics and the painkillers as they were making matters worse! Fast forward to Tuesday and a blood test at Margate hospital – this was my worst day – hadn’t been up or out for ages so was as weak as a kitten. Not sure how I made it there and back but I did. No surprise then when Karen (research nurse at Maidstone) phoned on Wednesday to say my white blood cells were extremely low and no treatment could take place on Thursday. I am gradually getting stronger and now able to eat. I went to Maidstone yesterday for a scan – surprisingly the journey was fine with no hold-ups or incidents. Today is a better day – just sent Alan to Sainsbury’s with a long shopping list.
Received a phone call from my GP this morning to see how I was getting on! He apologised for not coming out last Friday. Said he would like to keep an eye on me and suggested he routinely sees me once a month – think maybe someone has given him a rollicking!
I hope this will explain my not answering emails, postponing visits and generally ignoring people – not through choice I assure you. I hope normal service will be resumed shortly. Thanks for being there. Tess x


  1. Oh Tess, how awful for you. Glad someone has told your doctor off. Sending loads of hugs and thinking of you. I do hope you continue to get stronger.
    Beryl x

  2. what a terrible week so glad you are getting through it- quite right I hope your GP did get a rollicking!! Fingers crossed for the next session

  3. Hang on in there Girl. I found it necessary when my John was so ill to take our GP to task as there is little or no communication taking place between the hospital and the doctor's surgery. Very often the local dr. does not know what is going on as he is not the one that sees you the most. Stupid I know, but that is how it is. Positive vibes to both of you.

    Janet xx

  4. Hope you are beginning to feel a little better Tess and that your doc starts to look out for you on a regular basis. Thinking of you.
    hugs Jen x

  5. Bernard and Margaret12 February 2012 at 09:00

    We are sorry to hear that ou have had such a rotten time,Tess, but knowing you - we realize that you will get through it all and come out smiling .X