Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Feeling the love

Perhaps because it is Valentine’s Day today I am feeling the love. The love from my family and friends that keeps me moving on.
I had some good news today – the scan I had last Thursday shows that the cancer is stable and that the chemo and trial drug are working their magic.
My blood levels that were so low last week have also returned to normal so the treatment will resume again this Thursday. Given recent events my chemo will be reduced by 25% for this cycle and I will receive antihistamines before the trial drug is given. I will be closely monitored during treatment and this will be stopped immediately if there is any indication of an allergic reaction. There is now a new protocol for the chemo nurses to follow for patients on the drug trial as I am not the only one to have experienced a negative reaction. Still sounds a wee bit scarey but if it is working and buying me a bit more time to spend with those I love I have to go for it. Seeing Alan’s face when given the good news said it all – he was smiling with his eyes as well as his mouth if you know what I mean. Something unexpected has happened as well – I have started to lose my hair – the Dr said this was due to the accumulative effect of the chemo. A bit of a shock but you can live without hair – just debating now whether a purple or green wig would suit!
So as it is Valentine’s Day please tell at least one person you love them (preferably someone you know) and if appropriate give ‘em a kiss too!.
Happy Birthday wishes to our lovely son Jon – 37 today – how did that happen?
Tess x


  1. Great news Tess,I'm so pleased the chemo is doing its stuff although I hope the next lot goes smoothly without a reaction. As for the wig, how about purple AND green??
    Sending you and Alan love and Happy Birthday wishes to Jon too
    Claire xx

  2. Super news Tess.... and there is only one colour wig you could wear... PURPLE what else. Remember you said to me at NEC 'just go buy it' the purple shawl that was.... so go buy a purple one and if you fancy it a green one as well.
    Love and hugz coming your way for both of you along with prayers for more good news next time xx

  3. This is wonderful news Tess, so pleased things are stable. Glad that you are going to be watched very carefully when you start back onto the trial. Like Claire said definitely purple and green.
    Happy Birthday to Jon and love you you and Alan
    Beryl x

  4. Great news Tess. Sending love and hugs (and kisses) to you and Alan.

    Mags xxxx

    ps Happy Birthday to your son - we have celebrated Ellie's 10th today and my DIL's 32nd and newest grandchild due any time now, but doesn't look as if it will be sharing it's mum's birthday!

  5. That is such good news Tess. Happy Birthday to Jon and will keep you and yours in my prayers.
    hugs Jen x
    p.s why not have a couple of different coloured wigs, you could be a redhead one day, blonde another or purple!!!

  6. Fantastic news Tess. I am so pleased you are feeling so well. Hair, who needs hair? A wig is far more practical, and why limit it to just one wig? Sending you lots of positive vibes as always.
    Wanda xx

  7. Fantastic news Tess. I will keep those positive vibes heading your way. Wigs are far more practical than hair, and why restrict it to just one?

    Happy birthday to Jon too.
    Wanda xx

  8. Great news, Tess. When my mum lost her hair, I got her a fringe which would peek out from under a turban thing or scarf. I don't know if they still do them.

  9. Hi tess, me again...link to Wiggins, they do all sorts now.

  10. Wonderful news, Tess! Have a change from your normal colour, you may find that you have been missing out all these years!

    Janet xx