Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Greg, Guitars and Good news.

I had my weekly trial treatment at Maidstone on Thursday . No delays but once again my pre-meds had not been prescribed - just as well I know what I should be having. 
We went up to London on Saturday to celebrate my cousin Greg’s 50th birthday.  It was so good to meet up with family again.  The Clarks and Parkers are special people. I was a bit emotional as I thought I might never see some of these lovely people again.  Thank you Greg & Julia for being such good hosts – the food and wine were top notch and Isaac & Ruben were brilliant.  Thank you Clare for the cake – there is a fair bit of alcohol in it! I love you all.
We stayed overnight with friends Tony & Roz - thanks for your hospitality too – two duvets were much appreciated.

On the way home we dropped in for coffee with the Enfield Classical Guitar Society – they were having a workshop day.  It was lovely to see them all again looking so fit and well. I have never kissed so many ‘gentlemen’ in such a short space of time!  Keep practicing my friends (the guitar not the kissing).   I have a little quote for you all:

‘Life is a journey – with strings attached’

I was very upset this week to find that I can no longer get medical insurance that will cover me for Canada. I was hoping to be at my granddaughter’s 1st birthday celebrations in June. I think we tried all the insurance companies that deal with terminal cancer. I am too a high a risk and only 4 weeks out of chemo. This is one target I really wanted to meet. Thanks to all my mesowarrier friends for help and advice.

UPDATE Tim, Anna & beautiful Lilah are coming to me!!!!! Watch this space.The dark clouds are lifting already.

I have my weekly trial at Maidstone tomorrow and an appointment with the consultant at St Barts hospital on Friday. I need to know what’s next  in terms of treatment – I like to keep ahead of the game if possible. Tess x


  1. Sounds like a wonderful time was had by all Tess. Reallu thrilled that your family are coming to visit, espeically Lilah.
    Sending lots of cyber hugs,
    Beryl x

  2. I am so glad that you had such a lovely time Tess, I hope that the wine was flowing. Such good news that your lovely family are coming over from Canada and that you will be reunited with your gorgeous Lilah, if Mohammed can't go to the mountain, the mountain will come to Mohammed :-) Trish xx

  3. How wonderful to have been at such a great family gathering. Nothing like that has happened in my family for about 50 years (just about the time your cousin entered the world.)

    Beryl xx

  4. great news to hear about your family and good luck at Barts , we are there the week after you. Sometimes all of this little community passes each other at different times in the Barts waiting room.
    Take care

  5. You certainly had a wonderful family weekend. Delighted to hear the precious grandchildren are coming to visit you instead!

    Janet xx

  6. So pleased you family are able to visit you instead of you travelling. Wonderful.
    Jen x