Wednesday, 11 April 2012

A mixed bag

Well the usual chaos at Maidstone and some... My appt was 2.30 but had a phone call around midday saying I needed a full blood test before the pharmacy will make the drug. I was told last week by research nurse that I did not a blood test as the chemo had now finished. So we had a quick bite to eat and dashed over to Maidstone - just over an hours drive. Had blood test and then had to wait almost 2 hours for results before pharmacy would release the drug. A case of right hand not knowing what left hand is doing! Then my pre-meds (piriton and hydrocortizone) had not arrived so they had to bleep a doctor to prescribe them. So after a 2 hour delay I received my treatment. Got caught up in rush hour traffic around Maidstone on our way out. Apart from that all is well. 

We visited Jon, Gaby and Ethan over the weekend.  Ethan made us a card which reduced me to tears – silly Nana! It was lovely to be with them as always. 

Arsenal won on Saturday so Alan & Jon both happy Easter bunnies.

Little Lilah  has been poorly  - some nasty virus picked up at ‘Kinder college’. Anna also caught it and was much worse than Lilah.  Hope both are now on the mend.  Happy Birthday for tomorrow Anna!

Went to the optician today – have been having mega visual problems since the last regime of chemo. Well the upshot is that I have cataracts in both eyes – thought to have been caused by chemo and steroids. There were no signs of this when I last went to the same optician in May 2011. Ain’t life grand!  So I don’t need my varifocals any more as my distance vision is now near perfect (after 50+years).  I have some new glasses for close work on order. The optician spoke of having an operation some time in the future. We’ll see.

So a bit of a mixed bag this week.  Thanks for popping by. Tess x


  1. A mixed bag indeed. Will you ever get a hospital appointment that goes exactly to plan I wonder.
    Beryl xx

  2. Bernard and Margaret14 April 2012 at 04:41

    Crumbs ! These hospital visits and the long waiting periods must be very trying and need great patience . Obviously the main thing is that you are receiving successful treatment and that is really great. It is marvellous to know that you both are so cheerful and are enjoying so many pleasant travels and visits to family etc.
    Love from us both