Monday, 18 June 2012

Feeling Drained! Ha Ha

Another week has gone by. Friends Jacky & Ray visited last Tuesday. They are members of the Enfield Classical Guitar Society which Alan belonged to before we moved. Lovely to hear the plink plonk trio again (did I really say that)? We went out to lunch at The Minnis restaurant great food – pity about the awful weather. Good to see you both again and thanks for the flowers.

 Our lovely granddaughter Lilah was 1 year old on Friday – now where did that year go? She is a little stunner. Here is a photo Tim sent me on her birthday.

Counting the days now until they come to the UK. Having Ethan and Lilah together will be wonderful.

Had a call from my oncologist as promised and I am now waiting for an appointment to have a discussion with the thoracic surgical team. Meanwhile I had my chest drained this morning to see if it helps with the breathlessness / eating problem – the theory being it might relieve pressure on my diaphragm and stomach. I find it very confusing when different consultants give you different options. Having been offered chemotherapy options by both the consultants at Canterbury and St Barts (both of whom had the same scan and knew of the fluid) I was advised this morning by the thoracic consultant that it would be pointless having more chemo while I have so much fluid on my chest as the chemo would be ‘lost’ in the fluid and not touch the cancer even though I would have the side effects. Oh my!

I have completed my sessions of ‘breathlessness management’. The theory is fine and exercises easy to do when I am practising and not breathless but quite a different story when I am breathless and anxiety takes over!

Congratulations to Chris Knighton on being honoured with an MBE in the Queen’s birthday list for services to Mesothelioma Research.

Tess x


  1. Gorgeous picture Tess, she is a cutie. Hope having the chest drained helps you.
    Jen x

  2. It's a pity they can't all get together and talk first - so you at least get the full picture in one go. Hope the chest drainage works and you feel a lot better for it quite quickly.
    Beryl xx

  3. Beautiful picture Tess, she is a cutie. Can't believe she is one already. Hope your breathing is easier from having your chest drained yesterday. Enjoy you walk.
    Christine. xxxx

  4. Lilah is adorable Tess, such a little cutie. I hope you feel some improvement for having the fluid drained and the breathing exercises start to do some good. As Beryl says, it would be a good idea for the docs to talk to each other but communication seems to be a problem for the NHS.
    hugs as always
    Claire xx