Friday, 21 June 2013

Almost There

I have been lying low and resting more than usual and I think it has paid off as the side effects have been much reduced this time round on cycle 5 – or perhaps I have just got used to the poison coursing round my body. Cycle 6 will start today Friday (21st) and this will be the last course of treatment - so fingers, toes and anything crossed that it has done some damage to Mr Nasty. It has been a long haul since February and I am so grateful to all of you that have kept me buoyed up. Will let the poison do it stuff till the end of this cycle (21 days) and hopefully then I will get our life back and can plan a few treats. A visit to the French brewery is high on the agenda for my trusty carer!

The meso community has been hit hard this past few weeks with so many deaths – all avoidable if not for man’s greed. My dear friend Debbie who I wrote about in my last blog was one victim to this awful disease. She was a true inspiration to us all in and lived life to the full for as long as she could. I will miss her so much. My condolences to her three children and to all friends and relatives of recently deceased warriors. The only way to stop this carnage is to find a cure through more research  and have a global ban on asbestos mining and exporting.

Life has been ticking over slowly but we managed a weekend over in Tunbridge Wells. Alan’s help was needed to erect a rather large wooden climbing frame for little man. I do mean large! Three robust men (Jon, Alan and Berni) managed to build the two towers in a weekend! It is still lying on the lawn waiting to be set in concrete. Watch this space!
How many men does it take to screw in a screw?

The Grandies continue to give us so much joy. Ethan is now into Rugby and has joined ‘Rugby Tots’. He has a ball (funny shape), a kit, and 6 mini cones which he lines up in the living room and we have to run in an out. The Arsenal fans in the family (and there are lots) need to sort this one out!
Our lovely Lilah celebrated her 2nd birthday on the 15th. My how she has grown and getting quite vocal! We Skype each weekend and she always demands a song! Alan is willing to oblige and plays guitar and we sing silly songs.

Ethan has been strawberry picking!

Lilah enjoying her 2nd birthday
My masterchef has continued to cook delicious food for us. So much so, I have put on 1kg in the last 3 weeks! He has a theory (not without some scientific evidence) that the more colourful the better. The chicken curry this week was most delicious and his crispy duck is very moorish. Thanks honey!
Yummy chicken curry - and he cleaned the hob afterwards!

Belated congratulations to my cousin Peter and Elizabeth who celebrated their Silver Wedding anniversary earlier this month – hope the celebrations went well. We were with you in spirit and drank a toast to you both.

Tess x


  1. Glad the rest has done you good Tess. Lovely pics of those gorgeous little ones and Alan's curry looks scrummy! Hope the rest of the treatment goes smoothly and you're both soon off enjoying those treats. As always love, hugs and positive vibes winging their way to you both
    Claire xx

  2. So happy you are doing so well Tess. Your husband is an angel cooking up all that wonderful food. Grandchildren are gorgeous and are doing you the power of good! Sending you happy thoughts and healing.

    Janet xx