Saturday, 1 June 2013

Back on Track

Chemo cycle 5 went ahead yesterday. My blood levels had recovered sufficiently thank goodness. Treatment went smoothly without any hitches this time - cannula on target first time! I am feeling OK today after a bit of a rough night - it's those gremlins that visit at 3am that really get to you! Steroids, antisickness tabs and laxatives being consumed so here we go again!

The weather has certainly perked up. last weekend (bank holiday) was glorious. We had a walk along the prom at Minnis bay on Monday. The main beach was the busiest we have ever seen it. Lovely to see families having fun with the kiddies building sand castles and eating ice creams (just like we did on a Bank holiday). We had a cuppa and cake in the cafe and watched the wind surfers - some of them clearly novices! Alan insisted on taking a photo using his new 'big boy' phone!
Enjoying the sea breeze at Minnis Bay

The garden has burst into life this week. The poppies are just spectacular - approx 10 inches in diameter! perhaps we should start cultivating opium - now there's a thought! Irises, roses and aliums (alia?) also bountiful
yellow, white and blue irises

Beautiful poppies

Roses which smell as good as they look.

This week we have changes to hi-speed cable internet (only just available down here) and we have gone from download speeds of between 0.5 and 1 to 20.8 which is brilliant. I even get Ray's daily jokes before he has even sent them!! Alan is delighted because he downloads lots of music which used to take hours.

Special thoughts today to my dear warrior friend Debbie who is having a really difficult time right now but the hospice staff are taking good care of her. Thoughts and prayers are with you  Debbie hope you will be home soon. xx

Tess x



  1. Good to see you Tess, the flowers are fab and just love the poppies. My thought are always with you
    Hugs Jennie aka scrimper

  2. Glad you're enjoying the better weather Tess, your flowers are stunning and gosh those poppies are ginormous!
    love and hugs and lots of positive vibes
    Claire xx

  3. You and the flowers are looking good Tess. Love and hugs for you all xx

  4. You're looking good there in the sunshine Tess. Hope this week is a good one for you and the chemo doesn't knock you for six this time. Lovely blooms in your garden. I bet it looks fantastic.
    Love and hugs
    Beryl xx

  5. Love your photos Tess, you and all the flowers are looking good. Pleased you are having more sunshine and that the Bank Holiday wasn't the wash out it usually is.
    Hope you have a good week and can get out and about more. Thinking of you as always and sending love, hugs and positive vibes.
    Hugs for your warrior friend Debbie too, I hope she is home soon.
    Christine xxx

  6. Lets hope this new wave of sunshine will do you more good too. The flowers look fab. Wish we could increase broadband speed!!!
    Keep safe. Jan xx