Thursday, 13 March 2014

Foggy Day

I woke up this morning and gazed out of the window

Was the fog outside or inside my head?

Hard to tell

There is poison coursing through my veins

Dangerous, dangerous stuff without principles

It kills good and bad alike, it cannot tell the difference

In its wake it leaves so much damage

Some can be repaired and I guess some cannot

Who knows?

But I need to take a stand and fight this invader

Hard when I have the energy of a gnat and an appetite to match

I must fight, I must fight

The fog is clearing a bit, perhaps the sun will shine later.


Tess x


  1. You may have the energy of a gnat - but you have the courage of a lion Tess. Hope the sun will be shining for you soon - inside and out.
    Beryl xx

  2. sending you a bucket of demisterTess, hopefully you will be feling a bit better soon
    Hugs jennie j

  3. I think it will. Stay strong. Love, Anna x

  4. Hope the fog is clearing and the sun is peeping through Tess. Keep fighting my friend, you have so many people that love you and are walking with you
    Trish xx