Monday, 31 March 2014

Made the most of a reprieve

I had my review with the oncologist last Monday. She confirmed I was not well enough to have my chemo treatment last week as I was still zonked out from the previous session. We had a long chat about why I was having such prolonged side effects this time. Basically 19 chemo sessions and 6 months on a drug trial/placebo in just over 3 years have taken their toll and my body is just not so strong. She prescribed steroids to give my appetite a boost and help with fatigue. My next chemo is now rescheduled for this Thursday assuming blood tests are OK and the drugs will be reduced. I will have a scan after this session and take it from there. Perhaps my body is telling me something.

After the hospital visit we met up with Bernie & Norma in Canterbury. We had a good lunch in the new Quex Barn restaurant. Excellent food (and beer and cider) all locally produced.

I have been attending Fatigue Management workshops over the last couple of weeks at my local hospice. This week we had a talk from one of the doctors on how medication impacts on fatigue – very interesting. The final session is Wednesday.

Ray and Jacky visited on Thursday accompanied by guitars so Alan was able to enjoy playing trios once more. We went for lunch in the original Quex Barn restaurant in Birchington which was good. Their company was a bigger boost than the  steroids - they should come on prescription!

Well Big Al became an OAP on Saturday. I hadn’t planned anything as I thought I was having chemo last Thursday but Jon & Gaby cooked a wonderful roast beef dinner and the wine and port were flowing freely! Alan enjoyed himself. A wonderful Mother’s Day for me too on Sunday. Fun with Ethan in the morning (he has discovered the garden hose) and a long Skype with Lilah in the evening. Felt a bit emotional at the end of the day but we had a great weekend. Here are some pics of MD flowers and the Grandies.

Beautiful Mother's Day flowers

Biker Boy

Love this umbrella

So into another week and chemo on Thursday. Hope this session is easier for me!

Always thinking of all my fellow Mesowarriors as they continue through their journey including Steve who is currently on a drug trial and will get some results in a few weeks, Mavis awaiting scan results to see what is next for her, Lou who is doing well and about to fly from Oz to America!!

Also thinking of Chris & Mick, hope their daily journey is not too taxing.

Tess x


  1. Goodness - those grandies are growing so fast. It's wonderful to see them growing up. Glad you enjoyed Sunday and hope those steroids are doing the job.
    Beryl xx

  2. Your grandchildren are beautiful Tess,but then you knew that already lol. You Mother's day sounded idyllic, so glad that you had such a lovely time. I hope that the next lot of chemo wont be so taxing for you xx