Friday, 11 April 2014


Just a quick blog update today as I have had a few messages asking how I am. Well after a day’s delay receiving chemo this time all went ahead last Friday. Two nurses, Alan and myself checked and double checked the dosage reduction was correct! I expected that with the reduced dosage the side-effects might be less severe but in fact they were the same but lasted a shorter time – not sure how the extra steroids have affected this. New problems have also emerged, mainly an incredibly sore mouth, inside lips, tongue, gums and soft palette all hurt and I nearly hit the roof yesterday with Sensodyne toothpaste –ouch!!!!!!!!!!! I hope this will all calm down soon.

I have a scan on Good Friday! We did check the appointment and yes the scanner is working all over the holiday. We will wait for the results before deciding whether to go ahead with anymore treatment. So this does mean we will be free from treatments/appointments over Easter. Alan’s services are required in TW where a garden shed needs assembling!

We have enjoyed fine weather this week, Thankfully the Sahara dust has gone and oh my how that did affect me! Alan has been pressure washing and staining the decking. It looks great and final coat going on this weekend. 
Man at work!
Carrots, beetroots, parsnips and potatoes are being planted and the flowers are blooming.
Tree Peony

Plenty of blossom on pear tree this year
Lots of Irises
 Tess x

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  1. Send that man here!!! He looks to be doing a stirling job and my decking is gonna need another coat this year.
    Hope the soreness in your mouth clears up soon - you might have to survive by sucking on Easter eggs.
    Beryl xx