Friday, 25 April 2014


I went for a scan on Good Friday. Good to know the scanners are working for outpatients every day except Christmas Day. They just need to get the staffing levels up to the same standard and a few more radiologists to read the scans. So we await the results to see whether treatment stops or continues. The good thing was the hospital car park was virtually empty – if you are a regular hospital visitor you will appreciate what a bonus this was, and only one other couple in the waiting room so another bonus.

Easter weekend was spent in Tunbridge Wells. The weather on Easter Sunday was a bit of a washout so eating, drinking and playing with Ethan were on the agenda. Another lovely lunch cooked by Gaby & Jon – local farm rib of beef – yum! Easter Monday turned out to be a glorious day so Jon and Alan set to and erected the new garden shed. You can tell Jon is fast approaching 40 getting excited about a shed! I asked what was going to be stored in it and was told a chesterfield sofa, a telescope and a beer fridge! This would be funny if I didn’t think it might be the truth! Well the job took them all day but was a job well done. I think they both enjoyed being out in the sunshine and enjoying each other’s company.

Yesterday we met up with old friends Janice & Tony in Canterbury. They were on a short trip south from their home in North Yorkshire. We started in the City Arms where we caught up on news and their recent trip to Cuba and put the world to rights. We then went for lunch in Deesons, one of our favourite restaurants which never disappoints.

The continuing good weather this week has done wonders for the garden. The veggies are all doing well and the roses are just gorgeous.


 I received some smashing photos of the Grandies this week – how quickly they are growing. 

Ethan - Superhero

Lilah in her daddy's shoes

 My thoughts as always to my fellow mesowarriors, all at various stages on this journey and all searching for a cure.

Tess x

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