Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The Best Laid Plans and Tomato Soup

The scheduled chemo/trial due to start tomorrow has been postponed for a week as I have a tummy bug which has layed me low. I am really annoyed and upset with myself. Thanks to those who sent me good luck wishes - I will store them in the 'pot' until next week.  I know this is just another hiccup but it seems a bigger deal than that somehow. I think I just got myself so psyched up and then came down with a bump.
Chef Alan has been under par too but he donned his pinny and made me some tomato soup for lunch (he grew the toms too). It went down a treat.
I will update the blog when my treatment gets underway.
Thanks for being there. Tess x


  1. So sorry to hear this Tess,I can imagine how you are feeling.
    That tomato soup looks gorgeous;

  2. So sorry to read this Tess and also to hear you are both 'under the weather'
    Alan's tomato soup looks good enough to eat, hope you enjoyed it.
    Love and positive vibes always with you.
    Christine xx

  3. I am so sorry Tess, it will only be a short while then you will starting as planned. Just remember we are all behind you and rooting for you
    Trish xx