Friday, 25 November 2011

Hospital Trio

Another week over and this week I have been at 3 different hospitals!

Monday morning found me at Kent and Canterbury Hospital Supportive Therapies unit. I had an Indian head / neck/ shoulder massage – luvverly..... My therapist Elaine thought I was a bit hyper on the steroids so calmed me down with camomile oil. We then went into Canterbury – a pint for Alan in The Foundry pub with its own microbrewery followed by a lovely lunch in Deesons. I even managed a bit of retail therapy before returning home. They were setting up the German Christmas Market which I hope to visit next week.

Tuesday was ‘blood’ day at QEQM hospital Margate. It was a very quick visit so in and out in 20 mins. It was an awful damp, foggy day so after a swift shop in Sainsburys and a mad dash round Marks & Spencers I was glad to get home.

Thursday it was the weekly visit to Maidstone hospital for the trial drug/placebo. Seemed to be a lot of waiting around this time and staff shortages were evident. I have to ring the pharmacy an hour before I arrive so that my ‘drug’ can be made up. However my ‘drug’ still wasn’t ready until 45 minutes after my arrival. Consequently we were late getting out and hit the M20/M2 at rush hour again. Met up with Mavis and Ray – they had been waiting about at the hospital for most of day with one appointment or another. Duly took my chemo when I got home and felt totally exhausted. Finally gave in and went to bed about 9.30.

No more scheduled hospital visits now for 4 days and then we start again with blood taking next Tuesday.

A chill out weekend is planned.

Tess x


  1. Sounds like you need the chill out weekend Tess, quite a grueling schedule you have there. Enjoy the rest.
    hugs Jen x

  2. Enjoy the weekend, we are also planning a restorative couple of days

  3. Thinking of you both Tess, hope you managed your chill out weekend. Hope this week goes well for you.
    Love & Hugs
    Christine xx