Thursday, 5 January 2012

New Year, Good news and Targets

Well another year has arrived and it has started so well. My family were all here with me to see in the New Year – even little Lilah put it a guest appearance at midnight! Here are a couple of photos of the grandchildren taken on New Years Day.

More good news came yesterday  – my scan results show that I am ‘stable’ so the chemo and trial drug/placebo are holding the disease for the time being. So we now continue  today  with cycle 3 of the chemo and trial drug. I will be assessed again in 6 weeks. It may be that I am receiving the placebo and that the chemo is keeping things in check or I could be receiving the trial drug - I do wonder about this but will not know until the trial finishes in 2013!

So time to set a few more targets – all of last years being achieved bar one.
Target 1 – I want to go to Canada for Lilah’s first birthday in June. I believe I can do this even though it is a long time in the future.
Target 2 – A holiday somewhere warm for Alan & I to recharge the batteries when this chemo finishes. I am just starting cycle 3 and if all continues to go well there will be 6 cycles. So we are looking March/April.
Target 3 – to look after myself a bit more – I don’t like the wrinkles and dry skin that have appeared and the flaky nails. I know the medication has contributed to this but I can try and remedy things a bit – don’t like looking my age!
Target 4 – to up my treatments at the supportive therapies unit at Canterbury. I always feel so revitalised after massages, reflexology, Indian head massage. Will make some appointments a.s.a.p.
Target 5 – more weekends away in the UK. I love staying in hotels and being waited upon! Spending many good days with Alan. We will chose places we have not visited before.
Target 6 - to do my little garden area at the side of the house. It looks so bedragled and forlorn at the moment.
Target 7 - to continue to be creative and a bit more adventurous with papercrafting. I was given a fabulous book for Christmas from my daughter-in-law 'The Big Ass Book of Crafts'  which has some fabulous projects.

Sending positive thoughts to two lovely strong ladies who have been an inspiration to me. Mavis and Debbie who are both about to embark on more chemotherapy in their fight against this awful disease. Love you both.

So I hope 2012 is a good one for you. Thanks for your support. Tess x


  1. Well done Tess on reaching your targets and on our good news. With the love and support of all your friends I am sure that you will reach all your targets for this year and many more to come
    Love and hugs
    Trish xx

  2. You go girl! Your targets for this year will bite the dust as you power on, Tess. You inspire me.

    Janet xx

  3. I have every faith in your strength and strength of character Tess and if anyone deserves to meet all their targets this year, it's you! I echo Janet - you go girl and let those two adorable children inspire you :-)
    Ann x

  4. Adorable photos Tess. Great set of targets, have fun reaching them. If positive thinking helps you are half way there already and we are all cheering you on.
    hugs Jen x

  5. Well done Tess on reaching your targets, I knew you would do it. You are so strong and determined and the love for your family and grandchildren will drive you on. I echo what your other friends have said and I am with you every step of your journey.
    Love & Hugs
    Christine xx