Saturday, 7 January 2012

St Barts, Sardo and Sales

Just home from a couple of days in London.

I had my 3 monthly review with Jeremy Steele (Consultant Medical Oncologist) at St Barts hospital on Friday. He still keeps an eye on what treatment I am having and suggests where we may go next. He is always positive and encouraging. He was pleased with my progress and was very interested in the drug trial I am on at Maidstone hospital. He has set up an appointment for me to see a consultant cardiothoracic surgeon for him to discuss with me a possible operation sometime in the future as they think I may be good candidate for this. I really don’t want to go down the surgical route but I will go the appointment armed with a list of questions and would really need some hard evidence from them that this would be a worthwhile treatment. For the time being it is just a fact finding exercise and of course nothing would go ahead while I am on the drug trial and keeping stable. I meet the cardiothoracic man on 16th Jan and my next review with Jeremy Steele will be in April after I have finished my chemo and will know more about the effects of the trial. I like to keep ahead of the game.

We stayed overnight at the Edwardian Radisson Hotel in Tottenham Court Road – we got a good ‘seasonal’ deal. So we met up with my brother and partner on Friday evening and had a fabulous meal in a Sardinian restaurant ‘Sardo’ in Grafton way. Food was excellent as was the wine list. Would certainly recommend this one if you are in that part of town.

Felt fine on Saturday so we went to Regent Street and Oxford Street in search of sale bargains. I bought some shoes, a bag and a gorgeous cashmere jumper (cos I’m worth it), a couple of bits for the grandies and Alan bought some trousers and a trendy top. Then we went back to the hotel for a rather large and calorific ‘afternoon tea’ which was included in the ‘seasonal’ deal before heading back home on the train. So another good weekend. Sunday will be a day of rest.

Tess x


  1. That sounds like an ideal weekend Tess, positivity from the consultant, a lovely meal with lovely people and a cashmere jumper thrown in - class lol
    Trish xx
    ps, you certainly are worth it

  2. And there's me thinking St. Bart's was an island in the Caribbean! Mind you, a cashmere jumper and new shoes would not look out of place there! You had a wonderful weekend.

    Janet xx

  3. So pleased you managed your first weekend break Tess. Sounds as though you had a great time and I hope you feel refreshed. I am with you on a cashmere jumper and shoes and as Trish has said, YES you are worth it.
    Love & Hugs
    Christine xx

  4. we are also with Dr Steele and met up with a consultant surgeon, if it's teh same one , he is fantastic. Really easy to communicate and answered loads of our questions in great depth.

    Will make a note of the restaurant recommendation

  5. Sounds like a fun couple of days Tess. Glad there are avenues to explore and someone good to talk too.
    hugs Jen x

  6. Hi Tess are you on the NGHF Trial or something of a similar name? If the chemo works great but seriously think about the surgery as a tool if you have to battle again. I know its hard getting through it but if I can do it anyone can. Hope you don't mind but have listed you on my web and blog.

    1. Hi Jan
      Yes the trial I am on is here
      I go to St Barts this Monday to see cardiothoracic surgeon.

  7. Happy New Year, Tess

    Can you give targets to other people? Probably not. But that's it anyway - Happy........... New....................... Year.................. Lots of love Peter