Sunday, 22 January 2012

Rye, Railway and Restaurants

Just home from a weekend break which was very much needed after a bit of a crappy week. We went to Rye in East Sussex in 1066 country. Friday was spent mooching around the high street where there are still lots of lovely shops. Managed to spend a wee bit more of the children’s inheritance! We stopped a short while in Rye Art gallery where they had a small retrospective exhibition on Captain Pugwash – great fun – all that was missing was the music! We found a good local pub that sold local ales so Alan was a happy bunny. Had a lovely meal in The George – the new Romney lamb was delicious. 

On Saturday we went for a ride on the  Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch railway. There is just a restricted timetable in January but we went from New Romney to Dungeness. Not too much to do at our destination – the view of the nuclear power station on a grey, dismal January day is soooo depressing and bleak. A cup of hot chocolate in the station cafe was good! After another visit in the evening to the local hostelry we had a meal at the Ambrette – do visit this restaurant if you are in the area – you will be in for a treat.

After a good traditional fried breakfast this morning we headed to the Rye deli to pick up some local cheeses and a couple of goodies for lunch.

It was good to get away for a few days, away from all the distractions of home. Alan & I talked and laughed a lot and I cried a lot. I find the weaker I get physically the harder it is for me to stay strong emotionally. But I need to pull myself up and keep meeting those targets.  I did have a smile to myself as a couple of times as I uttered a phrase which I used to tell my boys off for saying ‘It’s not fair’! No it definitely is not fair but as Alan keeps telling me ‘Shit happens’.
No apologies for sounding a bit negative today. I no longer apologise for anything that is out of my control. With a terminal cancer prognosis I think it is OK to feel like this for a wee while. Tomorrow is another day.
Tess x


  1. I am, a so sorry that you are feeling so down Tess and no, you don't need to apologise for anything. I just think that you are one amazing lady and I have nothing but admiration in the way that you have tackled this head on. You know that we are all with you and if you need to sound off you know where we are
    Love and hugs Trish xx

  2. Tess, you are a marvellous woman. You have earned the right to be a bit negative and down at times. You light up the lives of all your friends and you will shine again very soon.

    Janet xx

  3. Glad you had a good weekend and glad you are not apologising. Feelings just are and you deal with yours so amazingly well. I hope tomorrow is an emotionally better one for you.
    Hugs Jen x