Saturday, 26 May 2012

Getting ready for action

My thanks to all of you who sent messages over the last week or so. I am gradually replying to the emails – will get through them all soon – promise.

I am feeling much more positive now and ready to continue the fight. Since my last blog entry I have been to St Barts for my review with the team there. I have a lot of confidence in them. They have given me yet one more option to consider – do nothing for 3 months to let my body recover from all the poisons it has received over the last 18 months and look at a different chemo regime to start in August. This option has a certain appeal but as you might expect there are drawbacks. It would have to be administered at St Barts every 2 weeks and the side effects could be ‘not nice’. So no decisions made yet. I am still waiting for an appointment with my oncologist at Canterbury to discuss all these options.
Lovely to meet up with Rose & Norman (a fellow mesowarrior) at Barts.

We spent a lovely weekend with Ethan (& Jon and Gaby). Poor little man had a rotten cough and cold but is much better now. We have been planning our holiday when Lilah (& Tim and Anna) come from Canada – we hope to get over to France for a few days.

I had some wonderful memories this week when I went to buy Mr Men and Little Miss books for the grandies. My two (now 35 and 37) were brought up on Mr Men books – I can remember reading to them – Mr Bump and Mr Silly being the two favourites. Alan even composed songs about them which he sang to the boys – he has threatened to resurrect them for the next generation. So I have started the ‘book corner’ with Mr Funny, Mr Muddle, Mr Tickle, Little Miss Sunshine, Little Miss Helpful and Little Miss Naughty.

My session on ‘Breathlessness Management’ was useful and I have been practising using my diaphragm. This is not as easy as it sounds as I have a lot of fluid resisting the movement on my left side. I missed this week’s session as I was up at Barts but will go again next week.

I have continued with my relaxing ‘pamper’ sessions and have had reflexology and shiatsu this week. My shiatsu therapist was suggesting maybe I look into Chinese herbal remedies to boost the immune system – um something else to look into!

Hope to get out and about while the sun is shining. Hope the sun is shining in your world. Tess x


  1. So glad you're feeling more positive Tess. A break from all the treatment and hospital visits will give you chance to get your strength up for the next lot of treatment. Glad to hear you're enjoying your pamper sessions, and looking forward to your hols
    enjoy the sunshine
    Claire xx

  2. I am so very glad that your meeting at St. Barts went well Tess, It is lovely to hear you sounding so positive.
    You now have time to think about your next move but in the meantime you have a lovely holiday to look forward to with your lovely family
    Love Trish xx

  3. It's probably the best time of year to take a break from the treatments Tess as you'll be able to enjoy the summer without those awful side effects (and all the precious sun time it would be taking up).Make the mot of the summer months to recharge and soak up some rays.
    Beryl xx

  4. Dear Tess, enjoy the summer sun, have a break from all the gruelling treatment, this will give you time to think about your options. My heart is with you as always
    Hugs Jennie j

  5. You sound so positive Tess. I am so pleased that you have people you trust advising you. A break sounds wonderful as does your up and coming holiday with the family. Mr and Miss books, great stuff, happy memories of my girls reading them.
    In my thoughts and prayers.
    Hugs Jen x

  6. I am so pleased to read your latest news Tess. You sound as positive as always and a break from your treatment will give you & Alan time to think about the options. I bet you can't wait to be with all the family again,enjoy the holiday, I know the sun will shine on you all.
    Thinking of you always and sending you love and hugs.
    Christine xxx

  7. Richard Cranston31 May 2012 at 03:10

    Hi Tess like all other comments , you are so positive . Following your blog and much love to you both , look forward to seeing you both again ... Richard