Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Genie in a bottle

Well where did that week go? I am continuing to recover and am getting stronger and less tired each day. I no longer need an afternoon nap and I can sit without instantly falling asleep. With the assistance of my able carer I am now getting out again. I still feel nervous but this is something I will just have to overcome. All I want now is for this lethargy to leave me - I seem to have no interest in anything and cannot concentrate on much for any length of time. Even getting to the punch line of Ray's jokes is proving challenging! Being impatient with myself does not help.

I had a post op check up with consultant surgeon last week. She showed me the before and after pictures. My heart was shoved over to the right and my windpipe and oesophagus were both kinked where they too had been shoved over by the fluid. However you will be pleased to hear that all organs are now back in their rightful position! Best of all is that the collapsed 'locked' lung which would not expand has begun to do so of its own accord - even the consultant said 'well I didn't expect that'! I will see her again on 15th August and then have an appointment to see my oncologist to see where we go from here.

My lovely nurses now come in alternate days to deal with the chest drain - they have it down to fine art now and we no longer need the instructions. The plan is for me (and Alan) to start doing this ourselves next week. Just need to remember to close the clamp before opening the suction on the bottle otherwise I might  disappear into the bottle like a genie in reverse!

Jon is once again cycling to raise money for MacMillan Cancer relief. His charity page is here  . Please support him if you are able - any donation however small will go to help the work of these wonderful nurses.

I have received two gorgeous photos of the Grandies this week.
Lilah looking remarkably like NanaTess!

Ethan rowing with friend Bryony
Hope the sun is still shining in your world. Love. Tess x


  1. I'm so pleased to hear that your lung is 'reflating' if there is such a word - and apart from the physical side - your heart has always been in the right place. I'm sure your interest and concentration will come back to you. They've had a lot to deal with lately and are probably just taking a well earned break.
    Love and hugs
    Beryl xx

  2. glad to hear your lung is re inflating -don't worry about the lethargy, Ray was just the same, he would nod off at a moments notice. He also felt really nervous all the time and has had to make an effort to get back this.
    good luck and glad you have conquered the chest drain

  3. So pleased to read your lung is becoming operational again. Not surprising you are so tired if your body is working overtime to right itself. Just go with the flow, Tess and you will get there - speed is not always best. Love to you and Alan.

    Janet xx

  4. Great news Tess, I'm pleased to hear things are back ine proper place and that your lung is inflating. It must be so frustrating for you but hopefully you'll soon be feeling more energetic as you build your strength up again
    Goregous pics of Lilah and Ethan
    As always, love, hugs and positive vibes to you both
    Claire xx

  5. So pleased to read that your lung is becoming operational again Tess, you and Alan must so pleased. I am not surprised you are feeling lethargic, you have been through so much in the past few months. Just take things a day at a time and I am certain those gorgeous pics of Lilah and Ethan will spur you on.
    My love, thoughts, hugs and positive vibes as always to you both.
    Christine xxx