Monday, 27 August 2012

Resuming Normality

The week has been a good one. 
A visit from Chris & Mick (and Poppy) on Monday buoyed us up. We had a good chin wag and enjoyed a stroll along the prom. Thank you both for your love and continued support and your apple crumble!. The gladioli are still beautiful (see pic above).

I  resumed my reflexology sessions this week as my therapist has returned from holiday. I always feel so relaxed and positive after each session.

We visited our gorgeous grandson (& his mum and dad) on Sunday. I felt very brave and we stayed over until Monday. I haven’t been far from home since I had the chest drain fitted so this was quite a confidence boost for me. Ethan has recovered from his Scarlet Fever and is back to his normal self. He is great fun now and I felt so good that I was well enough to play with him again. He has the most wonderful chuckle. My son says when Ethan and I are together we are always up to mischief! 

I am happy to report that I have also regained my taste for Pimms with lemonade and chilled Alsace Riesling so things are definitely on the up.

The best news of all is that Alan has just passed his probationary period (as a chest drainage nurse) with flying colours! He has his first solo flight on Wednesday! This will give us back our freedom and independence – Yeah!  - I’d better start being nice to him! Just don't call him Sister Alan! 
I must say that the community nurses have been absolutely first class over the 6 weeks we have depended on them - I cannot praise them enough. They will still pop in once a week to deliver supplies and have a chat - those girls do love to chat! Bless them all.

Tess x


  1. Hi Tess, it so good to read this post, you sound so upbeat. Good to read you are enjoying your Pimms etc. Your flowers are beautiful and your latest pictures of Ethan are gorgeous. Say well done to Alan on his 'promotion' to head nurse. Thinking of you both as always.
    Love and big hugs
    Christine xx

  2. I'm so pleased that things are on the up for you and you are feeling so much moe positive. Enjoying life too by the sounds of it. Just keep Ethan away from the Pimm's for a bit - that might get you both into a little too much trouble. Great to see some photos of him - especially the one with you.
    Well done to Alan for becoming a qualified chest drainer.Now that should raise an eyebrow or two on his CV.
    Beryl xx

  3. Wonderful news about you both. You photos of Ethan are delightful.
    Glad you have got your taste buds back!

    Janet xx

  4. Enjoy the Pimms - always a a good sign I think