Friday, 17 August 2012

Lazy Days

It has been a fairly quiet week. The weather has been good so we have been able to get out and about. I feel much stronger now thank goodness – at one point I thought I would never regain any strength. We had a visit from mesowarrior friends Mavis and Ray on Monday which was great. We had a good chin wag and a walk along the seafront as the weather was so good. I did warn Alan that if he stayed still for any length of time Mavis would take a photo! There are a few photos on Mavis’s blog if you would like to see.

On Wednesday I had a follow up appointment with my surgeon/consultant. She was very pleased with my progress and my x-ray was good. She doesn’t want to see me again for 6 weeks and we can now drain my chest every 3rd day – so we are getting there. I have put on 1.25 kg in the last 2 weeks. Another 7kg needed to get back to where I was before surgery. So another few weeks to regain strength from the surgery before we have our next appointment with my oncologist to see what we do next to fight the beast which we know is progressing. I do not feel confident about yet another regime of chemo just now – my body really isn’t ready for another battering so soon – but if this is my only option then................

After my hospital visit we went into Canterbury for mooch round. We had a scrummy lunch in Carluccio’s and a very brief look in a few shops. I still have not regained my love of shopping! Alan said not to worry!

Well today is the day Alan takes over from the nurses in draining me! They have ordered him a large box of big boy sterile rubber gloves! I have every confidence we can do this! Today the nurse will supervise us then we are on our own. Hopefully this will allow us to have a few days away  – thinking about the New Forest.

Our little grandson Ethan has got Scarlet fever – haven’t heard of that for donkey’s years. He is on the mend now and hopefully soon back to his normal boisterous self. Love you little man.

Tess x


  1. Best of luck and steady hands, Alan! So glad you have had some good days out, Tess and enjoy your visit to the New Forest. Love as always,

    Janet xx

  2. All i can say is 'Bless you Tess, and may god give you the strength'
    Glad you had agood day out, you deserve it.
    Much llove
    Jennie j

  3. Tess your optimism and strength is always a wonder to me. so glad you will now be able to take a bit of your life back and no doubt Alan will manage fine.

    Hope you manage to get a few days away and yes the New forest is a fab place to go, hope your little man gets over the scarlet fever very soon. i had it as a very young child and I'm still here so it is so very treatable.

    Huge hugs and warm wishes as always.

    Jenny xx

  4. Good that you have been able to get out and about and enjoy the fresh air. Don't worry about the loss of interest in shopping - just think of all that extra you'll have to spend when you do get the urge.
    Love and hugs
    Beryl xx