Sunday, 18 September 2011


As you might imagine I have been researching widely on the net to find out more about this awful disease. One person I have been reading about is Graham Sherlock Brown. His PETAL philosophy for living with mesothelioma is a good one and one that would hold true for so many people living with major illnesses. This is briefly what his philosophy is about:

P = Positive attitude

E = Eating and exercising well

T =Targets

A = Adapting to change

L = Living your life

Please do a search on ‘PETAL philosophy’ to find out more.

Sometimes I find spending too much time searching ‘mesothelioma’ is so distressing. Reading about other meso fighters that have lost their battle to asbestos is heartbreaking. There are no really happy stories because you know there is not going to be a ‘lived happily ever after’. So we must make the most of each day as it comes. One saying I like is. 'Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today.' (attributed to James Dean). A lot of truth in that.

Well I had a blood test last week to check on kidney function before my next scan. The contrast medium they use is potentially harmful to the kidneys. I assume all was well as I received an appointment for my scan in the post this morning. Unfortunately the scan is a couple of days after my appointment with consultants so that will need to be changed! Ho Hum – these things are set to try us.

Thanks for popping by today. Tess x

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