Thursday, 22 September 2011

Put the kettle on mother!

Put the kettle on mother!
Have you noticed that a kettle is always up to its neck in hot water and still manages to sing!
Well maybe we should try and be bit more like that kettle! It is so easy for this awful disease to get  us really down and take us to dark places. If it is not the awful symptoms it’s the effects of treatment or the waiting for appointments or the subsequent waiting for results or the look in the eyes of loved ones – the fears and sadness that they try to hide from us. But all of this is so negative and does nothing at all to help the situation. I am one of the world’s worst worriers at the best of times and I have these periods of doubt, sadness, fear just like everyone else. The 3 a.m. gremlins are quite common visitors. Sometimes crying relieves a lot of the tensions (I should take out shares in Kleenex) and I do believe crying is good but other times I just give myself a good talking to, focus on something good in my life (and I have plenty), put on my big girls knickers and get on with it! Sometimes talking to others helps but sometimes I just want to keep things to myself. It is all OK. So I will now go and put on the kettle – I feel a song coming on.

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Thanks for popping by today. Tess x

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  1. Hi Tess, I can hear you singing whilst I join you in a 'cuppa'. Hope today is a good one, take care my friend.
    Love & hugs