Monday, 26 September 2011

Yeah! Another target met.

This weekend I was able to travel to Belgium for my cousin’s 70th birthday celebration. This was one of my targets that I posted about in my first blog entry. I really enjoyed myself (even if the marquee was freezing cold!). We stayed in a hotel in Ninove which is between Ghent and Brussels and travelled via Eurotunnel. I really do wish they could sort out the horrendous queues at the border control at Calais. It was great to meet up with people I hadn’t seen for a few years and I shared a good few laughs and reminiscences. I came away feeling buoyed up and ready to face what could be a potentially stressful week. I seem to be in a better place emotionally now and when leaving the party I did not wonder if I was actually saying good-bye to people for the last time. This is a big and positive step forward for me. So let’s see what changes this week will bring.
Having met one target I am now setting another – to take a short holiday somewhere warm for my birthday – end of October. I have a few places in mind but will need to wait until after my next assessment to do any booking. For most people, travel insurance is a fairly straightforward part of booking a trip. But for those affected by cancer, getting cover can prove extremely difficult, even if they have been free of cancer for a number of years. So a terminal diagnosis can be a nightmare insurance wise.  Since my diagnosis I have travelled to France a few times without additional ‘pre-existing medical condition’ cover. I travelled to Italy in May when I was only 2 months out of chemotherapy and the insurance was astronomical in fact more than the holiday! My recent trip to Canada for a longer period of time was far less on insurance because I had been out of chemo for 6 months and a letter from my consultant stated that in her opinion I would live for 6 months after the trip! I like to think this was an underestimate! I have pasted a few links which may be useful if you are planning a trip. Now where did I put those holiday brochures?
Thanks for popping by today. Tess x


  1. Hi Tess, so pleased to read about your latest trip and thrilled you are more positive. A fantastic way to spend time with relatives. I hope it starts the week well for you. Thinking of you as always.
    Love & hugs my friend. xxxx

  2. I'm so glad you've had a good time with your rels Tess and its great to hear you're so positive. Have fun with the holiday brochures.
    love and hugs
    Claire xx

  3. Glad the trip was such a success Tess. Here's to the next adventure! Enjoy
    hugs Jen x

  4. Still having trouble posting.(Must remember to log in first!)
    I'm so glad you came away from your visit feeling positive and that you had a good time meeting up with friends and family. Just hope you can find somewhere with guaranteed sunshine for your birthday trip.
    Beryl xx

  5. I am so glad that you had such a lovely time with your relatives Tess. It is great to hear you being so positive
    Trish xx