Thursday, 15 September 2011

Walking like Frankenstein

Feeling more positive these days – my recent holiday certainly helped a lot – there were times when I really thought I would never meet my granddaughter Lilah and those times were hard. A positive development is that the peripheral neuropathy I was experiencing during and since the chemo has subsided – the powers that be said it would clear up in 6-12 months. It was very weird and at times frightening when my feet went red hot and heavy, then tingly, then numb and I went from walking like Frankenstein to wobbling like I’d hit the vino! Me! Drink wine! Never! So a new target for this weekend is to walk – probably along the prom as it is nice and flat.

My crafting activities are also keeping me out of mischief. Love playing with paper! I am making 2 scrapbooks chronicling the 1st year of my two grandchildren’s lives. As Ethan is fast approaching his first birthday I’d better get cracking! Another target is to enter at least 2 craft blog challenges a week – not so good at thinking ‘outside the box’ these days but I’m having fun. I even made my first Christmas card today! You may be interested in my crafty blog also. Here is the link.

Went out for lunch today – I really love going out to lunch! We went to the Ambrette – well worth a visit if you are ever in this neck of the woods.

So another good day today. Thanks for popping by. Tess x


  1. Hi Tess,
    my partner finished his chemo in July and knows exactly what you mean about the tingly feet and walking like Frankenstein- especially when his feet just get hotter and hotter. None of the doctors have really answered our questions on this one, they probably think that with meso , there are enough major symptoms to worry about!!

    Thanks for sharing , my partner is glad to hear he isn't alone

  2. Hi Tess. I think I've sorted the problems about commenting on here. (We'll see)
    I know how the neuropathy can affect your balance as Terrie(my niece) has it as a result of the drugs she takes for a condition in her brain.
    I hope you got your walk along the prom and you get more and more stable as the days go on.
    Beryl xx